Who are We?

I am Pranav, web developer as people call in India “IT Guy”. I was always very much into blogging stuff. I started blogging back in 2012, since then i am continuously applying my vigorous techniques to provide web readers a good content so that they feel good when they read something on internet.

I started “Young Free Folks”  with two of my colleagues Sejal Banka and Rohit Singh. When we started YFF they both were new to this field but now they are frequent bloggers of youngfreefolks simply YFF as well as partners.

Our motto is to aim big and succeed and we will move further with this determination.

Hi guyzz I am Sejal Banka.I was working as a developer in an IT Industry but then I realized this is something not for me..:P
Now I am digital marketer and I came across blogging as a field and found it really amazing,i mean something that grabbed my interest and here I am writing about topics that I find interesting!! 🙂

Hope you all love and appreciate the efforts we all put in!! 🙂

Hi Folks,
This is Rohit Singh and I am a java developer plus a digital marketer and will soon be a full time digital marketer.
I am new to blogging and would love to give my honest reviews and ideas about a particular topic that you would relate to!! 🙂

Let’s start our YFF journey by being friends!! 🙂

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