KOTILINGESHWARA TEMPLE – A Quick Little Religious Trip

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Kotilingeshwara as the name suggest is the temple of LORD SHIVA, with about one crore Shivalingas.
It is one of the famous temple in Karnataka which is situated at a place called Kammasandra , about 5 km from Kolar Gold Field(KGF).

  • In a small village of Kammansanda once a saint – Swamy Sambhashiva Murthy had a vision to build a temple with one crore Shiva Linga and he installed the first Shiva Linga on 10th Oct 1980 which was followed by devotees installing Shiva Linga from various parts of the world. It has the tallest Shiva Linga in the entire world which is 108 metre. In front of this huge Shiva Lingam there is an idol of Nandi which is 35 feet tall.
  • People visiting this place can also put Lingas here, to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Devotees can put Linagm(starting price of INR 6,000/- and vary with different sizes) on any days they choose.


From Banglore,proceed to old Madras Road,Kolar,then take a right to Bangarapet,and then on the Kotilingeshwara.



We planned a trip from Bangalore to Kotilingeshwara temple (Distance – Almost 100 Km), we started around 7:30 a.m. and reached by 10a.m..Then we passed by huge stone  mountain which was a stark contrast of the acres of blooming marigold fields on our way to the temple.
As we reached the temple , we found very few bikes and cars parked there and the temple was not that crowded as we thought it would be.We bought our ticket ( 20 Rs per head ) as we entered the temple.
The temple has millions of Shiva Linga of various sizes and designs placed all over the temple and the walls were painted in different colors to give a mesmerizing effect to entire temple.
There was a small queue to visit the first temple which is dedicated  to Brahma,Vishnu and Maheshwar .
They take some  people from the crowd inside the temple  and then do a small Prayer.
We then proceeded to the main temple passing by a holy tree covered with yellow thread for good luck and wishes.
The exit from the main temple leads to a courtyard which houses temples of many other gods like Lord Panduranga,Goddess Annapoorneshwari,Lord Panchamukha Ganapati temple.


It was my first visit there and  one of the unique experience…!!!:)


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