Trekking Guide- Step by Step Guide for Bag Packing

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Hi Folks! I am sure either you are ready to pack your bags or planning for a trekking / hiking with your friends and if you are newbie then you will be looking for the best guidance about trekking and hiking.
So this is my first article in the series of guidance articles which will make sure that you are not gonna miss any of the essentials you need to carry.

I have been with a lot of trekking groups since I’ve come to Bangalore and explored most of the best trekking destinations the explorers prefer in southern India. While I was new to this, some of the times i used to forget some important things which I must  carry  but unfortunately if you have no one to guide you, you are prone to make mistakes. This all happens due to lack of planning and last moment hurry.

But now you should not worry about this. The step by step guide will tell you about all the steps you should follow you are packing your bags for a trekking.

Step 1.  Make a checklist

We are always lazy in making checklist and are always very confident that we are going to pack everything essential but we are wrong.  Most of the time we pack our bags at the eleventh hour and we tend to forget things and pack our essentials.
Folks note this thing in your mind that trekking in not like going to a fun place with lot of fun and party. So if you have mistakenly forgotten any of the essential this may cause a problem to you.
So always make a list of things you need to carry. Don’t worry! I will tell you what things you should prefer in that List. Do check this blog of our bag packing guide so that you have everything you require for trekking.

Step 2. Prioritize the Checklist

I hope that you have gone through my article mentioned above which is telling you about all the things you must carry. I have already categorized the items which are highly important, moderate and which are less important. You should check it once.
So once you have gone through the checklist, you are now aware of the required items, now what you need to do is pick a pen and make a sign in front of the most essential things then less essential things.

Step 3. Bring all the things to one place

Once you have completed the above two steps which are merely going to take 10 minutes if you follow my list, then you bring all the things which you mentioned in the list as per prioritization because this is our habit  that we will pack our bags at last minute and then in hurry we run here and there for collecting the thing which causes what ? We all know..:)  So guys don’t rush just as per the checklist collect all the necessary things at one place and yayyyyy you’re good to go..:D

Step 4. Recheck and Get the Things

Once you bring all the things to one place, go through the check list once and see what you have left. If something is left and it falls in most essential or essential category then before doing anything else i would suggest go and get that important  thing from market because it is not necessary that you have all the things at home.

Step 5. Cross Check

Now if you have all the things together this is the final time to re check all the items with your check list once it matches you are all set to pack your bags.

Step 6. Pack Your Bags

After all above steps you are now all set to pack your bags. Once you have all the things near to you pick your bag and put the least essential things in the bottom of the bag and as per priority prepare the stack of your backpack so that you have the most essential thing on top of bag,in case whenever you need it, you have it. Now zip your bags and get ready to trek. If you follow all the travel guides and for trekking our Trekking Guide given by YFF, I bet you are not going to make a single mistake.

Happy Journey!!!! 🙂

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