Trekking Guide- Things to Carry for Trekking

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Hi Folks! This article is one of the article in series of our travel guide.  I am writing this because I know what kind of problems people face while they go for trekking without proper knowledge of what things to carry for Trekking. You can also find out my article about how to make sure to carry everything necessary while packing your bags in my step by step guide to bag packing for trekking.

Trekking is not a leisure trip so you must be aware about difficulties you may face during trekking. So the things you carry are the only healer when you have nothing else. Here I will tell you all the necessary items which you need to carry.

For this I am going to make a categorization of items as per my best knowledge and experience. Let us divide in 3 categories – Most Essential, Essential and Less Essential

Most Essential-

  • Rucksack: A wide broad strapped rucksack or a back back is necessary with a quantity of of at least 40 Ltrs. Remember the straps should be wide and with support straps with you body so that a balance will be made. You can buy them Here.
  • Jacket/ Windcheater: Remember you are going for trekking so area will be hilly and the winds will be cold. so you must carry a light weighted Jacket or a wind cheater. Don’t carry very heavy weight jackets because you also need to take care of the weight of the backpacks you have to carry. Buy Here
  • Cargo Pants: At least 2 thin light weighted cargo pants which can easily get dried if any climate change occurs during your way. You can change the number of pants as per the time span of trekking.
  • T Shirts: 2-3 light t-shirts you must carry which i prefer to be full sleeves and light colored.
  • First Aid KitCrocin, Combiflam, Dettol, ORS, Betadine Cream, Volini Spray, Digene, Cotton, Crape Bandage and Band Aid or any other medicine which you take frequently.
  • Toiletries: You must not forget. Keep them less but all important like –Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper, Sunscreen, Sanitiser etc.
  • Adjustable Trekking Stick: This is very necessary because the areas you need to travel through are mostly slippery, muddy and hilly so you may think that you can get a stick from near by jungle but those sticks may not be comfortable. so please take one or if you don’t have buy one from here.


  • Hand Towel: a light towel made of cotton which will easily get dried
  • Cap/ Hat: You may face some direct sun light during day hours so keep one.
  • Good Trekking Shoes: If you are going for the first time, Buy a good pair of perfect trekking shoes. because this is the only thing which is going to save you from most of the troubles. You can buy one from here.
  • Socks: at least 2 pair good cotton socks.
  • Water Bottle: Carry a good, Leak proof with a capacity of at least 2 liters of water bottle.
  • Torch/ Head Lamp: If you trekking also happen in night that this is a most important equipment. you should also carry 2 torch battery in case of battery drains.

Less Essentials-

  • Sun Glasses
  • Repair Kit
  • Rain Coat
  • Flippers
  • Tent

The Items mentioned in Less Essentials totally depends on your requirement and Trekking itinerary. But you must not forget any of the thing mentioned in Most Essential and essential categories. If you want to make sure that you carry all the above items, you should follow our trekking bag packing guide. You can find every item mentioned here on Amazon or simply by searching in below search box.

Happy Journey!!

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