Menchies: Your Love For FROYO

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What’s your mix?

What are your plans this weekend?

If you love to explore new places and have love for yogurt there is one amazing place near you which you would surely love..:)
Folks in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, menchies is the place which will surely fulfill your desire for yogurt!!!!

Menchies-We make you smile is a self-serve frozen yogurt place in the world and gives you a cheerful and vibrant vibe that you want to visit again and again..:P You get different choices of flavours and toppings which is like cherry on the cake….Also,you can make it as delicious and mouth-watering as you wish..:)

The store is full of vibrant and quirky colors that you feel young and excited the moment you enter the store.


It’s a destination where people can laugh, create memories. You can visit this place with your family, friends and have fun. This place gives such a positive vibe which immediately brings a smile on your face.



It has a concept of MIX->WEIGH->PAY which is really amazing.. You mix your own favourite flavours and top it with nuts ,or fruits or syrups and give it a irresistable taste. Then your Froyo is weighed and you pay them for bringing smile to your face..:) The best part is that you can share with your friends your own personalized yogurt.



Banana, Strawberry, Coffee, Blueberry, Nutella, Kiwi, Pineapple……..OMG the list is never ending…..:P

Each time you visit menchies , you will be curious to try different flavours because they change their menu according to season and human desire.


Also they have variety of toppings which will make you crave for your delicious yogurt!!!!!
They have four categories of topping:

a) Fresh Fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries, lychee, kiwi, grapes and the list goes on…………………….

b) Tasty Toppings like peach rings, kitkat bar, coconut, gummy bear cubs and again the list goes on………………

c) Syrups & Sauces like hershey’s chocolate syrup, hershey’s strawberry syrup, hershey’s classic caramel syrup, marshmallow topping!!!!!!!!!!!

d) Chilled Toppings like bursting boba, cheese cake pieces, chocolate chip cookies and cherries.

Must Have at Menchies:

If you visit there I would recommend you to try a mix of strawberry and nutella and top it with kiwi, gems, chocolate stick, bursting boba and ofcourse how can you miss cherries….:)



Dont’t forget to give this amazing place a try!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Happy Weekend..:)

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