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Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when it comes to girls..:D

So here I will present some of the famous subscription boxes among various categories….:)

Hi Folks,
According to me subscription boxes are boxes full of surprises and amazing gifts which every girl would love to cherish every month.
Now these boxes can include mix of beauty and makeup products.If you love to eat there is a different subscription box and if you love to read books there is a different subscription box.
I have mentioned a list of 7 best subscription boxes which includes best of best among food,makeup and beauty,jewellery and for book lovers as well.

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Sugar Box is one of its kind and a really pretty subscription box when it comes to packaging. It is a monthly subscription box which is a box full of full sized, premium products of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food delivered to you at the end of every month!!
You can also order previous boxes or buy a particular product. Its charges are as follows:
1 Month-Rs. 1499
3 Months-Rs. 4197
6 Months-Rs. 7794
1 Year-Rs. 14388

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Fab bag is a mix of beauty and makeup products which comes inside a beautiful bag or pouch which every girl must own.They even have fab bags for men with amazing offers going on.Do check out their offer section before buying.
1 Month-Rs. 599
3 Months-Rs. 1797
6 Months-Rs. 3594
1 Year-Rs. 7188

Check here for Offers:

A post shared by FAB BAG (@thefabbag) on

A post shared by FAB BAG (@thefabbag) on


GlamEgo is one of the cheapest subscription box in India. It can be an amazing gifting option which consists of 4 luxury products from different brands.
1 Month- Rs. 399 per box
3 Months- Rs. 329 per box
6 Months-Rs. 299 per box
1 Year-Rs. 289 per box

Check here for Offers:

A post shared by GlamEgo (@glamego) on

A post shared by GlamEgo (@glamego) on


In case you are crazy for jewellery or if you love to accessorize yourself then this box is just for you.
The best part about this jewellery subscription bag is that while subscribing they ask you some questions based on what kind of jewellery you like..:)
Coming to the plans,you can subscribe for 1 month,3 months, 6 months and for 12 months also on discounted price.

Now there are four categories in this subscription bag:
a) Mini Bling Bag
1 Month- Rs. 899
3 Months- Rs. 866 per month
6 Months- Rs. 833 per month
1 Year- Rs. 799 per month

b) Regular Bling Bag
1 Month- Rs. 1499
3 Months- Rs. 1449 per month
6 Months- Rs. 1399 per month
1 Year- Rs. 1349 per month

c) Curate Your Bag
This category allows you to choose your favourite pieces among the collection each with different price. In short you can be your own style expert.Every month there is a different theme which makes shopping more exciting..:P

d) Pre-Curated Bling Bag
In this category you can choose the already curated bags with a mix of stylish and elegant jewellery pieces.

Check here for Offers:

A post shared by The Bling Bag (@theblingbag) on

A post shared by The Bling Bag (@theblingbag) on


For those of you all who love love love to read books,this subscription box is for you. It contains amazing books with some bookish goodies. They have themed boxes every month like tiny tot and travel,harry potter.
Now this subscription box has four categories:

a) The Frappe Box
The frappe box contains:
i) Paperback Books
ii)4-5 Goodies
iii)Two bookmarks and some bookish stuff.
iv)1 Month-Rs. 999

b)The Espresso Box
The espresso box contains:
i)1 Hardcover & 1 Paperback
ii)5-7 Goodies
iii)Bookmark and some awesome stuff
iv)1 Month-Rs. 1599

c)The Cappuccino Box
The cappuccino box contains:
i)Book of the Month Paperback
ii)Hardcover book 1 & Hardcover book 2
iii)Bookmark and some amazing stuff
iv)8-10 bookish goodies
v)1 Month-Rs. 2199

d)The Cafe Mocha Box
This is a limited edition box designed for bookworms who loves to read alot.
The cafe mocha box contains:
i)4 Books & 3 Hardcovers
ii)8-9 Bookish Goodies
iii)Something Extra is added each month to make it more special.
iv)1 Month-Rs. 2999

Check here for Offers:

A post shared by The Big Book Box (@tbb_box) on

A post shared by The Big Book Box (@tbb_box) on


The Nibble box is India’s first snack subscription box.This subscription box was started keeping in mind the in between snacks that people crave for. It is a box full of nutritious,healthier and most importantly delicious snacks which is very important :P.
Currently they have over 100 snack recipes which includes dry fruits,granola bars,seeds and other home-based recipe.They also provide 1 month,3 months and 6 months plans which you can avail at discounted prices.

1 Month-Rs.1860(Rs.465 each week)
3 Months-Rs.5220(Rs.435 each week)
6 Months-Rs. 9840(Rs. 410 each week)

Check here for Offers:


Talking about being juliet box,this is one of my favourite subscription boxes which focuses on pampering and cheering the young ladies during their period cycle.This box is filled with sanitary essentials,period pain comforters and some amazing gifts.Now the best part is that you can choose your favourite brands and a range of sanitary essentials.
This box asks you about your last period date while subscribing and sends you the box 5 days before your next period..:)

a)Be a Juliet
i)20 sanitary supplies. It can be Pads/Digital Tampons/Panty Liners.
ii)Pampering Kit
iii)Pain comforter
iv)Thoughtful Gifts

Subscription Plans:
3 Months-Rs. 1650
6 Months-Rs.3300
1 Year-Rs. 6600

b)Be Jane
i)15 Sanitary Supplies. It can be Pads/Digital Tampons/Panty Liners.
ii)Occasional free gifts.

Subscription Plans:
3 Months-Rs. 900
6 Months-Rs.1710
1 Year-Rs. 3300

c)Be Jade
i)20 Applicator Tampons
ii)Perfect Tampons Pampering Kit
iii)Pain Comforters
iv)Thoughtful Gifts

Subscription Plans:
3 Months-Rs. 3200
6 Months-Rs.6300
1 Year-Rs. 12600

Happy and relaxed Periods!!!! 🙂

Check here for Offers:

A post shared by Being Juliet (@beingjuliet) on

A post shared by Being Juliet (@beingjuliet) on

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